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Mike Segal

Mike Segal

Chiefland, FL


To enjoy what you do in life is everything

I am the luckiest guy in the world. Well at least one of them, for sure. I married my girlfriend, Marvi, who was my gal in the 5th grade at North Beach Elementary School on Miami Beach, Florida. I paint every day and love to paint. You will figure that out when you look at the thousands of paintings I have produced over the past 46 years as an artist.
My art career started off in 1964 when I made my first painting and then in 1968 I became a professional photographer living in Coconut Grove, Florida on Loquat Street, that was before it was fancy shmancy. I then graduated from North Carolina State University, School of Design with a degree in Landscape Architecture. After graduating NC State, I worked for the Florida Division of Parks and Recreation where I designed 60 state and local parks. Marvi and I moved to North Carolina in 1983 where I took up painting full time and never stopped. We moved back to our native state of Florida in 1989. We now participate in sidewalk art shows throughout the South East and I am a member of the Island Arts Co-op at Cedar Key, Florida and a founding member of the Whohadada group of southern contemporary folk artists.


Fire Engine - Cedar Key by Mike Segal


I Think I'm Human by Mike Segal


Hemingway House - Key West by Mike Segal


The Red Tree by Mike Segal


Mast Store Valle Crucis North Carolina by Mike Segal


The Golfers by Mike Segal


Model T by Mike Segal


Houndog by Mike Segal


Rex Hotel - Miami Beach by Mike Segal


Fish Eat Fish by Mike Segal


Pelican Convention Cedar Key by Mike Segal


Two Pelicans on the Pier-Cedar Key by Mike Segal


Cotton Exchange Building Savanna Georgia by Mike Segal


The Blue Chair Is Waiting For You At Cedar Key by Mike Segal


Key Motel-Cedar Key by Mike Segal


Boat In The Bayou - Cedar Key by Mike Segal


Theater Masks by Mike Segal


Noah's Ark by Mike Segal


Big Dog by Mike Segal


Two Pianos by Mike Segal


Joshua and the Battle of Jericho by Mike Segal


Shalom Dove by Mike Segal


Jerusalem by Mike Segal


Jacob's Ladder by Mike Segal


David and Goliath by Mike Segal


I Love Jerusalem by Mike Segal


Joseph Distributing The Grain by Mike Segal


Joseph and Jacob reunite in Egypt by Mike Segal


Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors by Mike Segal


Jonah and the Whale by Mike Segal


Joseph In Egypt by Mike Segal


Jacob Wrestling The Angel by Mike Segal


Adam and Eve by Mike Segal